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Dan Erwin is a specialist in performance improvement. Over the past twenty-five years he has coached more than 400 officers, executives and managers from top American corporations by means of his very original, long term, cutting-edge development program. Building upon research from contemporary neuroscience, his improvement process amounts to a formula for maximizing brain potential. Since 2005, he has also guinea-pigged seventeen entry-level workers—“millennials”—for the love of it. In addition he has a side business working with associates and partners in architecture and law. Shockingly, you can't successfully google his name prior to 2008—due to the one-on-one demands of his clients.

His great claim to fame is that during forty-five years he has successfully navigated the shoals of three major careers, and essentially reinvented them: university parish ministry, theological professorship, and management development. With authorship approaching, he adds his fourth career.

Dan holds a seminary degree (M. Div.) as well as a Ph.D. in communication studies from the University of Minnesota. He also has post-graduate mastery of educational psychology, including adult and learning psych, personality theory, leadership practice, and organizational behavior. His knowledge of contemporary research in neuroscience emphasizes customized learning for every business person. He is fascinated by the many opportunities provided for human growth through the exploding research in cognitive science. Especially the scientific fact that “nurture is eventually expressed as nature.”

Erwin lives with his first and only wife, Marilyn, in New Brighton, a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.